Well, it' s a bit above the 3 years required (my first proved act of maintenance was the approval of our first maintenance programme that I did on February 2013. ). It also took a few forms of amounts of tasks accomplished on each types (in my case c150, c172, c172rg and c210)) with at least 50% on one, 30% on the second...to establish I could be granted the. Catégory 3 metallic airplanes, and a detailled mechanic logbook down to each individual task, to prove that on the period, I had done at least 600. I don't know where that last requirement came from, and I had to write down "just" 72 pages of forms just for that (and à few busy evenings to convert all maintenance files into that format. It' s almost a punishment). So at the end of the day that's more of a hundred pages of forms to write (and get signed by the other mechanics that I worked with at the club), plus a copy of the club's maintenance files (another 700MB of files), and they finally granted the licence.
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