Before you are asking where to get the Structured OJT, check with your National Aviation Authority, where you can obtain this Structured OJT for your aircraft type! Google for major airlines in your area and ask them for SOJT!

After having passed all theory modules, presented your required work experience logbook for the application with the form 19 for your basic licence, you are attending as NEXT STEP a class room training for your first airplane type training. to be endorsed in your new EASA part 66 AML. Besides the On Job Training from the EASA part 147 school you must also present a Structured On Job Training conducted by an EASA part 145 company! Same applies for GCAA - CAD - SIA-CAA, DGCA, CASA etc.

OJT shall be performed on the aircraft type for which the applicant is seeking type endorsement. The objective of the OJT is to gain the required competence and experience in performing safe maintenance on that particular aircraft type.

UK-CAA CAP1530 Licensed Aircraft Engineers: On the Job Training (OJT) for first type ratings in any Category or sub Category

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