Singapore SAR-66 SAR-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence!
SAR-66 system for Licensing of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

CASR Part 66 consists of CAT-A, B1, B2 & C categories.

CAT-A1  Aeroplanes Turbine (mechanical)  
CAT-B1.1 Aeroplanes Turbine (mechanical)
CAT-A2 Aeroplanes Piston (mechanical)    
CAT-B1.2 Aeroplanes Piston (mechanical)
CAT-A3 Helicopters Turbine (mechanical)  
CAT-B1.3 Helicopters Turbine (mechanical)
CAT-A4 Helicopters Piston (mechanical)    
CAT-B1.4 Helicopters Piston (mechanical)
Category B2 (avionics)                                                

Category C (Base Maintenance Certifying Engineer)

This section contains Aircraft Maintenance Licensing (AML) related e-Services and forms.

Types of e-Services and Forms Form No. Download Form View/Apply Online
Reference Material
SAR-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licensing Information Booklet  CAAS SPL(AME)02  
Guidance to Complete SAR-66 Licence Application Form    
Application for Licence / Renewal of Licence
Application for SAR-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence CAAS SPL(AME)02  
Personal Resume for SAR-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence Application CAAS SPL(AME)05  
Application for Renewal of SAR-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence CAAS SPL(AME)03  
Application for Aircraft Operator Approval
Application for Aircraft Radio Operator Approval CAAS SPL(AME)08  
AML Examination
Application for SAR-66 Examination    
Application for Workshop Certifying Staff Examination / NDT Examination CAAS SPL(AME)10  
Application for SAR-7 Exams for Aerospace Engineering Polytechnic Graduates  CAAS (AME)19  

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SAR-66 Training site CAT-A

SAR-66 Training site CAT-B1

SAR-66 Training site CAT-B2

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