B1 to B2 licence extension and B2 to B1

Extension/Restrictions of your licence e.g. B1 to B2 or vice versa is here!

B1 to B2: For the prove of work experience use the 
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's Basic Practical Logbook and record the B2 tasks which are not B1.1.
Exam preparation B1 to B2

Module 4 Basic Electronics B2_Euro 40

Module 5 Digital Techniques B2 with 7.4, 14.2 & 15.14 for Euro_70

Module 13 Airframe & Systems B2_Euro 70

Info: Module 14.2 & 15.4 subjects have been added to module 5 exam!!

Work experience required
Use the Swiss logbook as reference and record the B2. tasks that are not B1.1!